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High Rate Sludge Contact Clarifier

The High Rate Sludge Contact Clarifier (HRSCC) that we provide is designed to remove the suspended solids and high turbidity in the water. This system contains clarifloculator tank along with clarifier that comprises lamella type, tube settler or convectional clarifier. Our High Rate Sludge Contact Clarifier has the ability to offer turbidity less than 50 NTU at the outlet of clarifier.
The solid contact clarifier is widely used for treating raw water and waste water; producing clarified water of highest quality. Our High Rate Sludge Contact Clarifier can be used for applications such as pretreatment of surface water source and applications in municipal supply treatment plants, ETPs and STPs. It can also be used for floriculture, agriculture and horticulture farms, sugar factories, fertilizers, chemicals, textiles, power plants and in applications where large capacity is required.

Applications :

  • Clarification of surface water
  • Lime soda softening
  • Removal of colloidal silica
  • Colour removal
  • White water recycling
  • Primary (Physico –chemical) treatment of waste water
  • Removal of heavy metals in the chemical and automobile industries

Principal Of Operation : The solid contact clarifier works on two basic principles of coagulation / flocculation and hydraulic separation. Coagulation and flocculation occur in the flocculation zone when the feed stream comes into intimate contact with chemical mixtures and suspended sludge particles from previously treated water. This contact also promotes floc growth as smaller particles agglomerate into larger heavier particle. The hydraulic separation principle uses an up flow design to move water into the settling zone for clarification.