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Clariflocculators are much useful in the primary treatment of water. Our company provides products that benefit the environment and its inhabitants. Clariflocculators are generally used for chemical primary treatment for effluent. Instead of separate flocculation & clarification, Clariflocculators are generally used. This results into economical and faster installation of primary treatment. Our Clariflocculators have high torque center drive with sludge arm lifting device. Main feature of our Clariflocculators is concentric paddle type flocculator mechanism which creates the flocs throughout the flocculation zone.

We can provide the skimming mechanism or skimming device, if required by the clients for particular applications. Generally, this mechanism is required to remove floating debris, solids, which float on effluent surface. It compromises of rotating skimmer, scum scraper and scum box. Neoprene Rubber wipers are generally provided with the Clariflocculators. The scum scraper collects the scum and drops it in scum box, which is connected to withdrawal piping. A scum skimming arm, supported on one of the scrapper arm is provided for removal of floating debris or solids. The collected scum is pushed by a level-loaded or spring loaded scraper into a scum box. Through this scum box the scum drains off the paddle and pipe. Thus, floating scum is taken out from the clarifier easily.